Ceci Bastida: Latin Indie in ‘The Age of Violence’

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Ceci Bastida

Photo courtesy of Ceci Bastida

Photo courtesy of Ceci Bastida

Bastida wrote 'La edad de la violencia' while she was pregnant and began questioning the world she was going to bring her child into. “I think I got really obsessed with what was happening around the world and I started thinking that we’re living in the most violent era ever – not that that’s necessarily true but I just couldn’t help feeling that way,” she tells Alarcón.

In 'La edad de la violencia', her upbeat, catchy tunes balance the often dire topics she covers in her songs. Take the song “Una vez más” (“One more time”), where she sings, “if you dare insult me once more, you’ll see how with this I’m going to get revenge.” It’s a song that could be interpreted in different ways, even as a break-up song. But it’s actually about gun violence; more specifically, school shootings.

If you watch the music video for “Una vez más”, her intentions for the song become more obvious:

Bastida says she doesn't want to be "preachy" with her music. “It’s more about talking about these issues but realizing that there is also a lot of beauty and that we need to also focus on that”, she says.

In fact, the last song on her album is one hundred percent positive. It’s a song she wrote for her daughter. It’s called “Ven (Beautiful)”, and it features her friend Julieta Venegas. “I wanted to end on a positive note, and to me there’s nothing more beautiful than [my daughter].”

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