(Special episode) Things That Go Boom: The Blob

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In 1958, a movie about a man-eating, bloodcurdling mass from outer space introduced the world to "The Blob." But in recent years, that term has taken on a whole new meaning among foreign policy professionals in Washington. What exactly defines this Blob can be as amorphous as the movie monster, so we reached out to three people to explain who exactly belongs in this group. The term, we learned, describes a perspective that transcends party lines and has remained relatively unchallenged for decades. In this new episode of "Things That Go Boom," The World's partner podcast from PRX, host Laicie Heeley explores the moment all of that changed, and the Blob came face-to-face with ... the anti-Blob.


Ben Armbruster, managing editor of ResponsibleStatecraft.org at The Quincy Institute

Emma Ashford, senior fellow at the New American Engagement Initiative in the Scowcroft Center of the Atlantic Council

Van Jackson, professor of international relations at Victoria University of Wellington.

Additional reading:

Build a Better Blob by Emma Ashford

The Blob Strikes Back, and Misses by Patrick Porter.

More, Less, or Different? by Jake Sullivan.

Policy Roundtable: The Future of Progressive Foreign Policy by Van Jackson.

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