US foreign policy and the next president: Through the eyes of the world

America Abroad
Town hall recording at WNYC's Greene Space

America Abroad collaborates with The Takeaway for an international town hall on what the world wants to see from the new US president in front of live audiences in New York, Berlin and Cairo. A New York based panel discusses topics including from international trade and the economy, the threat of terrorism and instability in the Middle East, and how the world sees the role of American leadership in international affairs.

This program is moderated by Todd Zwillich, Washington Correspondent for The Takeaway.

The panel includes:

Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of International Relations and Political Economy at New York University's Center for Global Affairs. His latest book is titled "Pivotal Countries, Alternate Futures: Using Scenarious to Manage American Strategy."

Nina Khrushcheva, Professor of Internatonal Affairs at the New School where she teaches about propaganda. She's also authored numeous books including "The Lost Khrushchev: A Journey into the Gulag of the Russian Mind."

Robert Powell, Global Risk Manager at the Economist Intelligence Unit. He specializes in analyzing the Middle East and Africa as well as macroeconomic policy and the energy sector.

Other guests include:

Martin Klingst, Senior Political Correspondent for the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Amr Koura, Founder and CEO, Creative Arab Talent agency.

America Abroad is an award-winning documentary radio program that takes an in-depth look at one critical issue in international affairs and US foreign policy every month. You can follow us on Facebook, talk to us on Twitter, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for updates.

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