US Asia policy under Trump: A Honolulu-Tokyo town hall

America Abroad
 Trump press conference covered on Japanese TV

President Trump's declarations on Asia have caused much uncertainty in the region. To better understand the hopes, fears, and concerns on both sides of the Pacific, America Abroad convened a bi-national town hall bringing together audiences and experts in both Honolulu and Tokyo.

This lively discussion touches on topics such as military alliances, trade deals and how to handle North Korea's nuclear threat.

Guests Include:

Grace Cheng: Associate Professor of Political Science, Hawaii Pacific University

Ralph Cossa: President, Pacific Forum CSIS

Andrew Horvat: Author and Visiting Professor, Josai University

Charles Morrison: Senior Fellow & Past President, East-West Center

Mieko Nakabayashi: Professor of International Education, Waseda University and Former Japanese Congresswoman

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