Global Girls' Education: Breaking Down Barriers

America Abroad
Prerna Junior High

Older students at Prerna School, which was built for girls from poor and uneducated families. It helps girls who had missed out on schooling to make up, and engages with the students’ families to discourage child marriage.

Rhitu Chatterjee

This month, America Abroad examines the efforts of individuals, communities, governments, and international organizations to give children, and particularly girls, a chance to learn and succeed in the 21st century.  We tell the story of a school for girls in India that's fighting the centuries old tradition of marrying off girls as teenagers; how Turkey is addressing the challenges of educating Syrian refugees; and how some parents in Afghanistan are pretending their young girls are boys in order to give them greater freedoms.

Guests this month include:

Xanthe Ackerman, Founder of Advancing Girls' Education in Africa, Senior Fellow with the Syria Research and Evaluation Organization.
Fallou Ngom, Associate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology and Director of the African Language Program at Boston University.
Jenny Nordberg, Journalist and author of "The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan."
Jennifer Simpson, Director for Education and Child Development at Save the Children.

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