Fighting ISIS At Home & Abroad

America Abroad
ISIS black and white flag

A member of ISIS waves an ISIS flag in Raqqa, Syria.


America Abroad discusses the military strategies to defeat ISIS with foreign policy anaylsts; hears from American-Muslim organizers and commentators about preventing extremism at home; and features a segment from an international town on countering violent extremism.

 Guests include:

  • James Jeffrey: Philip Solondz Distinguished Fellow, The Washington Institute
  • Anne Marie Slaughter: President & CEO, New America
  • Hassan Hassan: Resident fellow, The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Peace
  • Khurram Dara: Author, "Contracting Fear: Islamic Law in the Middle East and Middle America
  • Hedieh Mirahmadi: President, The World Organization for Resource Development and Education
  • Abdimalik Mohamed: Director of International Affairs, Ka Joog
  • Hanif Qadir: founder, Active Change Federation