Joshua Rothman

Professor, University of Alabama

Joshua Rothman directs the Frances S. Summersell Center for the Study of the South at the University of Alabama, where he is also a professor of history specializing in nineteenth-century America and the history of race and slavery. He is the author of "Notorious in the Neighborhood: Sex and Families across the Color Line in Virginia, 1787–1861 (2003);" "Reforming America, 1815–1860 (2009)"; and "Flush Times and Fever Dreams: A Story of Capitalism and Slavery in the Age of Jackson (2012)," which won the Gulf South Historical Association's Michael Thomason Book Award and the Southern Historical Association's Frank L. and Harriet C. Owsley Prize. He is currently researching a book tentatively entitled "The Ledger and the Chain: The Men Who Made America's Domestic Slave Trade into Big Business."