Jean Pharés Jérôme


Jean Pharés Jérôme has been a staff writer at Haiti’s daily newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, since 2006. There he covers Haitian politics, economics, and since 2010, Haiti’s post-earthquake reconstruction. He was the winner of the HIV/AIDS contest organized by Panos Caraibes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in December 2006.

He graduated from the State University of Haiti with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. In 2010 he spent four months in India as a Development Journalism fellow at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. He is currently seeking a Masters degree in Population and Development Studies at the the Université d'état d'Haiti in the Faculté des Sciences Humaines. He aspires to train other Haitian journalists to connect more intimately with their subjects.

Two hospitals in Haiti tell very different stories (VIDEO)

Mirebalais' new world-class facility contrasts sharply with Port-au-Prince's crumbling General Hospital.

Two hospitals in Haiti tell very different stories (VIDEO)