Cristina Quinn

Cristina Quinn is Boston-based journalist and producer.

I'm a Boston-based journalist and producer but my jones to make radio started while living in Japan 2001-2004. I was asked to host a weekly program called, "Let's English!" for FM Aizu.

It was my first taste of producing and since no one at the station spoke English, it was entirely up to me to decide how to format 15 minutes of civic news in English and make it my own. There was no turning back after that.

Stateside I've worked as Weekend Edition news host at WGBH in Boston and was the station's first midday host.

My reporting has taken me to prison, the virtual world, long election nights and, of course, bad snow storms. My stories have also aired on NPR and PRI's Innovation Hub.

When I'm not reporting, I take part in elaborate dance parties and fort-making with my toddler daughter.