Adeline Sire

Adeline Sire is a regular contributor to The World and She is currently based in France where she is reporting on terrorism, the migrants' crisis, French strikes and Brexit. When in the US, Adeline reports in the Boston area.

Adeline Sire is a French-American radio and print journalist who covers news, politics, arts and culture, and all things Francophone. She worked in The World’s newsroom for 13 years before heading to France where she’s reported on a range of issues, including terrorism, the migrant crisis, Brexit, and the rise of the far-right.

Over the years, she has contributed to Here and Now, Living on Earth, Studio360 and the Takeaway, as well as radio outlets in France, Belgium and Canada.

Adeline has a background in classical music. She shares her time between France and the United States.

Recent radio features:

France's unofficial far-right capital