Going nude for Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei photographs himself in the nude, with only a small horse covering his middle.

China's Internet users have begun baring it all in support of artist and government critic Ai Weiwei, who has told several media outlets he and his assistant are under investigation on pornography charges for taking and distributing nude photos of himself and others.

Over the weekend, a new Ai Weiwei fan page sprung up where users can post naked pictures of themselves, in what they say is a bid to educate the Chinese government. Their site's slog: "Listen Chinese government, nudity is not pornography. So far, dozens of nudes have been posted to the site, from well-known bloggers to babies in the bathtub. Some shots are full-on nudes, while others creatively conceal their most private parts. The site, if you dare, is available here.

Using donations from supporters, Ai recently paid more than half of the $2.4 million tax bill the government slapped on him after holding him without charge for nearly three months this spring. Critics have said this latest step, the porn investigation, is just another instance of the government trying to silence the artist.