Chatter: Delhi gang rape suspect found dead

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Delhi rape suspect dead. The alleged ringleader of the rape and murder of a young woman on a Delhi bus last year has been found dead in prison.

Ram Singh, the driver of the bus in which the 23-year-old physiotherapy student was allegedly beaten and gang raped, hung himself with his own clothes, according to officials from Delhi's Tihar Jail.

However Singh's family and lawyer have denied it was suicide, and said the death should be treated as a murder.

'War games' begin. The US and South Korea launched joint military drills today despite threats of war from the North.

Pyongyang has severed its hotline with Seoul (or rather, just stopped answering the phone) and confirmed its decision to scrap the armistice ending the Korean War, again threatening nuclear attack against both South Korea and the United States.


Congratulations, Kenya. But not you, Uhuru Kenyatta. While the US, UN and UK have commended Kenya for a peaceful election, none have extended the good wishes to president-elect Kenyatta, who won with just over half the country's vote.

Kenyatta is facing charges at the International Criminal Court for his role in post-2007 election violence. His main opponent Raila Odinga has vowed to contest what he called the "massive tampering" of votes, but vowed to do so in the courts and not the streets.

GlobalPost's Senior Correspondent Tristan McConnell, based in Nairobi, writes that "on both sides of the wide political divide, the desire for peace and for life to get back to normal was strong."   

Shark protection. Delegates at the CITES conservation meeting in Bangkok have voted to restrict trade in threatened shark species, in an attempt to save them from extinction due to demand for their fins.

Campaigners say the move to regulate trade of the oceanic whitetip shark and three species of hammerhead shark is historic. According to GlobalPost Senior Correspondent Patrick Winn, the tide may finally be turning against shark fin soup.


Neigh. Or should it be yay? While consumers were appalled to learn that European horsemeat was being passed off as beef, that's nothing, writes Paul Ames, GlobalPost's Senior European Correspondent.

Donkey, puffin and even rat show up on continental dinner plates — and in vitro beef may soon follow.

Ames weighs in on great horsemeat debate, and even provides recipes, offering a new answer to the question: what's for dinner?