Somalia News: Al Shabaab changes name, not tactics

Are these guys really traveling that far from home? Above, Shabaab spokesman Robow Abu Mansur prepares to give a press conference.

NAIROBI, Kenya — They are "The Youth" no more.

Al Shabaab, Somalia's Islamist extremist rebels, have apparently decided that they are too old to be called "The Youth" and, according to the Somalia Report, are planning to change their name to Imaarah Islamiya.

"Al Shabaab means youth but many of us, including the leaders, are very old so we want to change the name," said Mukhtaar Robow, one of the group's leaders.

The Shabaab is not changing anything else though.

Today another suicide bombing was reported in the capital Mogadishu. A car bomb exploded close to the K4 roundabout killing at least four people 
including two policemen.