Next Stop! Parisian Metro Station to be Named for French Chanteur

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Métro de Paris - Ligne 11 (Photo: Wiki)

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One of the newest stops being added to the Paris Metro will be named in honor of an endearing French singer.

The metro line number 11 is called Lilas, and it was popularized in a popular French tune from the 1960's.

The singer we want you to name crooned about the ticket taker/puncher on the Lilas line.

The song is called "Le Poinconneur des Lilas."

The Lilas ticket puncher. His work is so boring that at the end of the day, he just wants to put a hole…a bullet hole in his head.

Dark lyrics from one of France's darker, but also funnier, singers.

And now, a local mayor has announced that this famous late musician will get a metro stop named after him on the Lilas line, since that line's being extended through the suburb of Lilas.

Who is the singer?

You'll have to wait until Friday for the answer.

But that gives you plenty of time…

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