Slideshow: Finding Da Vinci's Lost Art

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A sampling tool about to be placed into the Vasari wall in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio to extract material for analysis. This comprehensive research effort was led by the National Geographic Society and University of California San Diego's Center of Interd

The place we want you to name in today Geo Quiz has been buzzing with art historians. They crowd in to this landmark building in Florence, Italy for a peek at a 16th century fresco by artist Giorgio Vasari. Actually researchers have been peeking through tiny holes at what is behind the fresco. It might just be a long lost Leonardo da Vinci mural of the "Battle of Anghiari," or not, no one yet knows for sure. The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy is the answer to the Geo Quiz. That is where art researchers believe they may be getting close to a breakthrough. Using optical scanners and probes, researchers are attempting to see behind a 16th century Vasari to reveal what they believe is a "lost Leonardo". They have been peeking through cracks in a 16th century fresco and now say they may have discovered traces of long-lost mural by Leonardo da Vinci. Anchor Marco Werman speaks to art historian Simonetta Brandolini to get more details.