Cyber Tycoon Wanted for Internet Piracy Arrested in New Zealand

The World
For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a sleepy neighborhood in New Zealand. This rural New Zealand town is suddenly in the limelight. That is because it is where a German cyber tycoon, nicknamed Mr. Dotcom, has been living. He is the man behind a website called "Megaupload." The FBI alleges that the website has carried out massive worldwide online piracy. The tycoon himself rents a $24 million luxury mansion on a 30 acre rural estate northwest of Auckland. The mansion is said to be one of the most expensive homes in New Zealand. It is part of a noveau riche community surrounded by farming towns with names such as Riverhead and Dairy Flat. Coatesville, New Zealand, is the answer to the Geo Quiz. It is here that Kim Dotcom, founder of file-sharing website "Megaupload" was arrested. He is facing an extradition hearing next month as he is wanted for trial in the US on various charges relating to internet piracy. Anchor Lisa Mullins spoke to Georgina Ball, reporter with Radio New Zealand, to get more details.
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