Slideshow: Hunting Northern Lights

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Aurora Borealis in Northern Lapland, Finland. (Photo: Andy Keen, Aurorahunters. © All Rights Reserved)

The Geo Quiz takes us north of the Arctic Circle: We're searching for a village in Lapland, the heart of Sami culture. That puts us in the northern-most reaches of Finland. You really want to look both ways before crossing the street: In addition to cars, you have to watch out for sleds pulled by huskies or reindeer. There's also a small airport there. Tourists like to go there to do things like cross-country skiing in the wilderness. But they also go there for the spectacle up in the sky: the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. And that Lapland village in Northern Finland is called Ivalo. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with "Aurora Hunter" Andy Keen who guides tourists on expeditions to see those fantastic Northern Lights.