Controversial Fashion Designer from Central Asia

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Gulnara Karimova (Photo:

Our eyes are on the catwalk for the Geo Quiz. New York's Fashion Week is underway. Dozens of designers from around the globe are there to show off their latest creations. Gulnara Karimova was initially invited to show her colorful "Guli" fashion line. We'd like you to name the country that Karimova is from, and which she highlights in her designs. She uses embroidered trims and traditional blends of cotton and silk to reflect her Central Asian culture. But it's Karimova's family connections that are getting most of the attention in New York this week. That's because the designer is also the president's daughter and her father has been labeled a brutal dictator by human rights groups. Karimova is now out of Fashion Week. So, which former Soviet republic in Central Asia are father and daughter from? The answer is Uzbekistan. Anchor Marco Werman talks with Human Rights Watch researcher Steve Swerdlow.