Dengue Fever and Cambodian Psychedelic Rock

The World

Los Angeles band Dengue Fever(Photo: Gina)

Our Geo Quiz is also the the Global Hit this time: We're talking Dengue Fever, not the illness, though, but the band. This six-person outfit plays a style of music associated with 1970s psychedelic rock from Cambodia. Dictator Pol Pot didn't like its associations with the West and America. So he censored the music, and killed many of its practitioners. When the founding members of Dengue Fever themselves discovered Cambodian rock years later, they found it far away from Cambodia. So your task is to name the Cambodian capital where the music originated and the city in southern California where Cambodian psychedelic rock had a rebirth. Cambodia's capital is Phnom Penh and Long Beach, California is where Dengue Fever discovered a scene where Cambodian psychedelic rock was going through a rebirth. The World's Marco Werman reports.