Barrier islands

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Barrier island in northern Brazil's Gurupi River delta (NASA image)

Barrier islands are the key to the Geo Quiz this time. We are looking for a country that boasts the world's longest chain of barrier islands. There are 54 of them, forming a chain that extends over 355 miles along this country's South Atlantic coast. Question is, which country? By the way, a new study published in the "Journal of Coastal Research" reveals that there are hundreds more barrier islands around the world than previously thought. They're found off the coasts of all continents, except Antarctica. So, which country has the world's longest chain of barrier islands? It is in fact Brazil! Anchor Lisa Mulins speaks with Professor Orrin Pilkey of the Nicholas School of Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University, about the discovery of 657 new barrier islands around the world. The longest chain of barrier islands extends off the coast of Brazil, the answer to our quiz. Congratulations to this week's winners of our Geo Quiz texting game. We picked three of their names out of our virtual hat. They are Janna from Boston, Valerie from Boca Raton, Florida, and Matt from Martinsburg, West Virginia. All texted us the correct answer, Brazil. We'll play again next week. You can join us by texting the word "GeoQuiz" to this number: 69866 (regular rates apply).