Saving the Orangutan

The World
The World
There are only two surviving species of Orangutans in the world, one is endangered, the other critically endangered. These great apes are threatened by poaching and especially habitat loss, caused by logging and farming. Their habitat happens to be in Indonesia and Malaysia but it's limited to 2 islands. One island has the oldest rainforest in the world…the other is the largest island entirely in Indonesia. Can you name them? Sumatra and Borneo are the answers to our quiz: native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are currently found only in the rainforests of those two islands and the apes are in danger of becoming extinct. Two teenagers from Michigan hope it's not too late to change that. Madison Vorva and Rhinannon Tomtishen are Girl Scouts on a mission. The're working to make Girl Scout cookies more environmentally-friendly and save the orangutans at the same time.
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